IBISWorldRWS utilizes IBISWorld Industry Research Reports for economic information for over eight hundred (800) industries as part of its business valuation process for most businesses valued.

IBISWorld Industry Research Reports provide detailed and specific industry information in the form of economic analysis and meaningful forward looking Economic Outlook Projections with conclusive supporting research evidence.

RWS’s Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS) and Business Valuation Analysts include a number of MBA’s, CPA’s, attorneys and others with extensive business valuation experience.

RWS provides valuation services in fifty (50) states and Canada through a network of Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS). These Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS) assist the business owner by utilizing a Business Information Organizer, which includes recasting the assets and cash flow of the business as part of the valuation process. Through this extensive network of Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS), RWS has direct access to current industry and business market information on a local, regional and national basis.

RWS’s completed Business Valuation Report provides a partial list of industries and types of businesses valued along with their SIC code number. This list is representative of industries and types of businesses that our staff has been involved with from its valuation, consulting and advisory roles.

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