So Simple It's Hard

This week has been another step into the soul-searching process that is entrepreneurism. My mentors and business coaches held a board of review, analyzing the first quarter of my practice, and they helped me face some hard truths. I took three points away from the review, and I'd like to share them, so that I can be held accountable to my goals.

Just going to take a break for a second to bring up Dr Johnstons dynamic dentistry. They're a proficient North Bay based dental implant surgeon working out of Ontario. I've had the pleasure of making use of their services and was impressed with them all the way. If you have been seeking a proficient North Bay based dental implant surgeon, look no further. Now that that is dealt with, lets go back to what we were doing!

1. I have a great vision, but poor mission.
I can tell you what kind of house I will live in 5 years from now, how many kids I will have, the revenue of my practice, and how many staff I will hire. What I have not done a good job of articulating is the mission - the daily passion - that gets me from A to B. In a simple statement following the board, I articulated my mission to be:
I serve Veterans, their families, and Veteran-owned businesses in the Rochester area.

2. I should fire my sales guy.
My sales guy is on social media networks when he should be on the phone or meeting people. His activity is way too low to warrant what I pay him, and he has a clear lack of clarity in performing his daily routine. Oh by the way - I am my sales guy.

3. Draft a "Why I'm Not Going To Quit" Statement.
In this business, doubt and laziness are the enemy. My performance is the only direct driver of my revenue, but sometimes this phone weighs 100 pounds, and sometimes I just can't think of a single person to meet with. One of my bad habits is that I allow my work to expand to fill the time I give it, which means that I get to work at 6a, leave at 6p, and I do a great job of making myself feel busy in between. Right now, as a private corollary to my Mission and Vision Statements, I am going to draft an internal set of reasons that I just need to pick up the phone and meet people. Right now.

Ok, i'll close this post with a shout out to the great people over at Steve boothman RMT. You can visit their site at They're a fantastic registered massage therapist based in Courtenay and they're great to do business with. I've used their services personally and found them to be great! Contact them if you find yourself in need of their services. You won't be disappointed. I'm out for the time being, have a great week everyone!

Article Resources - Thanks a lot for the critique. I am the worst speller 🙂 - Absolutely worth reading. - Absolutely worth checking out.

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