We have reported here before about the high level of anxiety the general...

We have reported here before about the high level of anxiety the general public is feeling right now. Some folks are just plain scared -- and a certain amount of anxiousness is advisable. The economy is in bad shape, as most financial experts realize, and world events are elevating those anxiety levels.

However, what is interesting is the broad spectrum of people who are feeling worried. Peter Schiff is worried, Peggy Noonan is worried. The folks at Motley Fool are worried. The Age predicts cataclysmic consequences due to global warming. The question is, are you worried? And if so, have you done anything about it? If you do something, you'll feel better. And more importantly, you will actually have taken steps to protect you and your loved ones and neighbors in case a disaster does occur.

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If pain is coming in ways our generation simply has not seen, then what will you say to those depending on you? "I did not think it could get this bad." Would that be enough to assuage your guilt?

Just as a mental exercise: suppose you are worried about a temporary food shortage in your area. The guidelines from the World Health Organization's The Management of Nutrition in Major Emergencies suggests 2100 calories a day for an adult: 420 grams of rice, 60 grams of beans, 30 grams of oil, and 30 grams of fish or meat. Fifty of these daily rations would cost less than $40, purchased in bulk as dry and canned goods at our local supermarket. That's nearly two month's worth of food which will not spoil for at least a year (and perhaps much longer if stored in a sealed plastic bin in a cool, dry place) for less than a dollar a day per person.

The point is simply that it does not cost a tremendous amount of money to make preparations for your family. With a ration like this for each family member, plus a home preparedness kit, you would be much better off than dismissing all this doom and gloom as just so much drama.

I have to give the deserved credit with regard to this posting mainly to http://goodbyedentures.ca. I got the idea for this from I little piece I read up on on their site.

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