Married Income Tax Brackets for 2009, 2010

There are two different married categories for filing your tax return. First of all we have the married filing jointly status and then we have the married filing separately filing status.

Married Filing Jointly

Well you have to be married and both of you agree to file jointly on your income tax return. You are considered married if you are legally married by the last day of the year. When you decide to file jointly both of you will have to sign the tax return. There are more tax benefits to filing jointly than separately.

Married Filing Separately

You are legally married by the last day of the year and decide to file separately. I will have to tell you married filing separately has the least beneficial tax treatment. Married filing separately is the one way to have separate tax liabilities but, it will have to be a decision you make together for your unique tax situation.

Believe me, I understand all of the reasons why married people might want to file separately but, you still have to work together, share information, and figure it out.

Married Tax Brackets

Once you've decided on your married filing status you can begin to look at your taxable income numbers. Yes, I said taxable income. Remember employment income alone is not your taxable income. All taxable income for your married tax bracket will determine your tax rate. We won't get into capital gains here because that's a whole different category of taxation.

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Yes Virginia, There is an Easy Button

Once you know your filing status and your taxable income then, you're ready to find your tax rate. How would you like to click a button and have it found for you? I do have an easy button and it's called Turbo Tax Online. Their tax return software will quickly figure your tax rate for you.

Tax Return Software

We are either frustrated or amazed by computers and at TurboTax Onlineyou will be amazed. You can try their tax return calculator to estimate your tax situation which is really fun and easy to use.

If you haven't tried to prepare your own tax return before then, don't worry tax experts are standing by waiting to help you. Handy advice tips are on every page and you can use Live Chat and other helpful sources if you happen to have any questions. Go take a look today and see what you have been missing!

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