So you have decided to start a business!

So you have decided to start a business! Good for you! But where should you start. As you are reading this article you have made great decision to look towards network marketing. You couldn't have made a better decision given the current economical climate. MLM is low risk with a chance of high return. The next decision you need to make is which company to get involved in. If you are already in MLM but are battling in your current business then make sure you go over these questions honestly with yourself! Before I get into too much depth, building a home business is hard work- but it should be fun. I love building my business, I'm passionate about it, and I am consistent on a daily basis!

The Product

What do you want to associate your name with? There are some fantastic people who have done really well who say the product does not matter. I beg to differ, it does! When I associate my name with something I need to trust it and be passionate about it! There are so many different opportunities why waste your time with something you do not like to do.


What is the competition like? I am not trying to knock any company here, so please do not take this the wrong way- but there always seems to be a new berry coming out to make another healthy drink. There is so much competition out there but success is still being made by those who work hard at it. Health and nutritional products also have tough completion. Personally, I went to a company who has no competition in this industry. I'm not here to advertise this company, if you would like to know more then feel free to visit my blog. Having no competition appeals to me- so make sure you do your due diligence when checking the company and competition!

Compensation plan

How do you want to be paid. There are many different kinds of compensation plans available. A lot of people get started like plans that spill over so those at the bottom get money for the work done by those at the top. I'm not a fan of this. I like to control my own business, build my frontline, and place people as and when I see fit. It is very important for you to financially structure your business so you are stable before you start helping others.

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Training is very important. Especially if you are looking to get started, or move because you know you are more passionate about something else. Your upline is responsible for you getting trained. They should be able to tell you what training the company has to offer and good places to start. Likewise, YOU are going to be in someones upline too- so you need to familiarize yourself with the available training.


Getting started does not mean you work as and when you feel like it! Consistency is THE key! Doing the right things day in and day out IS vital. Its better to spend one hour a day than 7 hours each Saturday. A commitment I made to myself when starting was that I would not approach everyone I knew! I had a lot of preconceived ideas about the industry, but as I was so passionate about my product I went for it. Youre probably asking how I am building my business without approaching everyone I know, well, the internet is an amazing tool! People I know are seeing my success and are coming to me. The internet in itself allows you to use a system called attraction marketing that allows you to advertise in a way that makes your system look attractive and have people come to you! You may be saying, Well, I'm not that good on computers, well, this is definitely not a one size fits all! You need to find the specific strategy that suits you. Maybe your best strategy is going and speaking to everyone you know! There are so many different strategies to use, you might as well start where your strengths are based and move into profit more quickly! If you are unsure, then please visit my blog where you can find my email address and contact details and just get hold of me.


Do you want to be part of an established company? I did not! The reason being that if you are involved in a company at an early stage then you are more likely to do really well if the company survives the first 2 years. You will hear a lot of people telling you that you most companies fail within their first 2 years. You hear this more often when someone is trying to recruit you in their 7 year old company. If you do want to get involved in a new company MAKE SURE you take a look at who is backing it!

I can not end this bit of writing without giving a big thanks to Grandriver Moving. Lee from over that way sent me a request that got me going on the subject. Grandriver Moving is a first-rate moving expert and they're situated in Ontario. If you ever find yourself in need, give them a look. Now, it's off to bed. It's been a long night.

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