Is anyone from NBC reading my blog?

Is anyone from NBC reading my blog? Because if you are, you guys seem to have missed some of my posts from last week, especially this one. The network seems to have forgotten history, which one would think would be more difficult to do, given that there was an HBO movie about it and many blogs are drawing comparisons between the current situation and the one that occurred almost two decades ago.

Basically, the network has decided that drastically altering their primetime schedule and creating an almost-solid (except for the local news) block of four evening talk shows isn't such a good idea. The ratings have been poor, and rescheduling the different shows might not help much. Conan O'Brien might lose his shaky grasp of The Tonight Show , Jimmy Fallon will be competing with infomercials for ratings, and Carson Daly (remember him?) will be cast off from the network.

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The person who is most affected by this decision is O'Brien, who was given a late night institution, only to watch as the network showed their lack of faith in his abilities by giving Jay Leno another show whose very presence trivializes Conan's promotion. There have been suggestions that O'Brien quit and find a home at another network 15 years on the air have helped him create a powerful brand but the problem is, where will he go?

CBS has firmly established a counterpoint to NBC's lineup with David Letterman and Craig Ferguson's shows. ABC has Jimmy Kimmel doing late-night hosting. The CW isn't making much money and seems to be more interested in teen dramas. So that leaves Conan a choice of moving to FOX, a network whose record of late night talk shows is spotty at best, or cable.

Leno's Reverse-Chappelle* has forced Conaninto a situation that many of us have found ourselves in at one time or another: an Either-Or debacle. Either Conan takes his lumps with NBC and hopes that everything works out okay, or he quits (keep in mind that the jobs and paychecks of all of the people who work on his show would go with him). But, as with the seemingly limited number of options that are presented to us when we're between a rock and a hard place, he has a third option.

He can make his own choice.

Conan has proven that he has a powerful brand that attracts younger viewers. His audience is more likely to categorize him with Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert than Letterman or Leno. So if he wants to send a message showing not only his brand power but also his utility, he needs to mobilize his fan base in a way that his network bosses will notice.

Online petitions don't really do anything, but ratings do. A concentrated online campaign to increase the number of Tonight Show viewers might help (ie: "Save Conan by watching") as it attracts his fan base through a medium that they are comfortable with. He could partner with Leno, as Letterman suggests,and co-host the Tonight Show , helping to increase his visibility and popularity among viewers who may have left when he took over the show.

There are many things that we can learn from the current trials and tribulations of Conan O'Brien. Getting a promotion does not increase your job security. Your personal brand value is a constantly shifting thing. You're allowed to diss your own network on your show. Even when it seems like you have very limited options, you can create your own solutions.

When you're developing your brand and establishing yourself in a new position with a company, it's difficult to find solid footing, and even harder to do when the rug is pulled out from under you. But if you can maintain your brand, demonstrate your utility and come up with your own solution to solve the problem, you'll come out ahead.

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