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Network Marketers and Actors often truly amaze me. Unfortunately, not always in a good way. In both fields you have people with absolutely no training who think that all their dreams will come true without doing any of the hard work or sacrifice. It happens all the time. Though it's true there's no particular class or school that one can attend that will ensure success; it's still the best bet to acquire as much knowledge as possible in order to maintain a competitive edge.

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Training is the key to success, in so many areas of our life. My success as an professional actor, singer and network marketing have all been made possible by my thirst for knowledge and surrounding myself with friends, professors and mentors that we're brilliant and successful.

Had absolutely no clue what I was doing when I first became interested in network marketing, but knew enough about surfing the internet to find some valuable training. One of the first things I learned, was that in order to have success in MLM we must maintain a steady stream of leads. Find the lead generating tool that works best for you: pay per click, article marketing, blogs, ezines, banners, social networking, etc.

It use to take months or even years before some started to make any profits. Now with the great training that's available, you can learn how to profit from the 95% that say no to your primary opportunity through your affiliate commissions. As you brand and position yourself as a leader you will start to see an autopilot cash flow. You must have your own web site, not a replicated company web page, if you want to start establishing yourself as an entrepreneur. A personal page to send all our leads through your sales funnel.

In addition to your own web site, you're going to need your own auto responder, so that you're able to maintain possession of all of your leads. That way, even if you switch companies you still get to keep all those valuable contacts you've acquired over the years.

Once you start promoting yourself as a entrepreneur, make sure you are always giving exceptional value. Not just a consultant or salesperson trying to make a buck off your next victim. As your list increases, continue to build a relationship with them before you try to monetize them. So many people try to do that backwards. Monetize you list only after you have built a strong relationship with them.

Good news: Anyone can be an actor or network marketer. Bad news: Anyone can be an actor or network marketer.

In fields where the competition is enormous, you have the best chance of reaching your goals if you're giving your target audience something that they want and need. Once they realize that you always deliver the goods, they will follow you wherever you go. From project to project.

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