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Many online businesses use blogs as a means of generating traffic to their websites these days. Originally blogs we're used as personal diaries or journals which allowed people to express their thoughts and feelings. Although a large amount of blogs are still used in this way they have also become an excellent tool for business promotion.

Blogs are easily created, run and maintained. They are without a doubt the perfect marketing tool due to interactivity.

Having a successful blog with lots of readers usually means that users are happy with the content and service being provided, making the blog a perfect tool to serve the function of customer relationships, because they are able to communicate directly with your business.

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Thankfully to blogging services such as WordPress and Blogger,it's not as complicated as you may think to get your own blog up and running, it's merely a case of choosing a name before performing a couple of mouse clicks.

You'll find that WordPress and Blogger have many templates available for you to choose from, but if your not happy with the ones provided you can always change the templates and think about hosting the blog on your own website.

Choosing which blog service to use depends greatly on the levels of customization you require, so it may be worth your while doing a little research to find the one that best suits your needs.

For a more professional look I would recommend that your blog resembles your website, in which case you are better off hosting it on your own server, but if you only require basic customization such as the colour scheme and logos then a hosted service is more than enough for what you need.

In my opinion the best option would be to host the blog yourself as it gives you alot more say in the look and feel, which means you can easily apply additional applications which would not usually be allowed due to security reasons.

Because blogs are not blatant advertisements which can comes across as off putting to your visitors, they can some times be easier to make money from as long as you don't overwhelm your readers with a sales pitch, the idea is to provide them with useful and helpful information, addressing any issues they put to you.

Learning to use your blog correctly will help grow your reputation and build a trustworthy relationship with many of your readers. Basically your blog is your platform of communication between you, your customers and prospects. The more helpful and informative you are, the better you position yourself commercially.

If you think about it there's more chance of people buying form the ones they trust. Trust is your primary objective when having a blog, which in return will grow your business.

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