Network Marketing Blog vs Replacing Brakes On Your Car

I talk about a network marketing blog because it reminds me of what happened last weekend.I need to give you a little history on my back ground for you to understand where I am going with this. I joined the US Air Force in 1985 as a jet engine specialist and retired in 2006.

Each and every time that I had to complete a job I had a manual which we called a Tech Order on hand. The manual would give me step by step instructions on how to rebuild a jet engine all the way down to an engine change.

Having a "Network Marketing Blog" Means?

So what does this have to do with having a network marketing blog? Well since I thought having all that mechanical knowledge I would have no problem changing the brakes on my sports car without any guidance. Man was I wrong about that. A normal break job of just changing the brake pads on the back tires should take no longer then about a half hour for an experienced mechanic like me.

Well it ended up taking me over 3 hours of total frustration. The whole time I was working on this, my son was trying to find YouTube videos of these procedures. Well he kept losing the internet signal which of course added to my frustration.

The Right Way to Put a Network Marketing Blog Together!

So why do you think it took so long to complete a simple break job? Well it was because I had no direction or guidance to follow in order to be successful. This is where I get to talking about a network marketing blog. If you're looking to put a MLM blog together you could just cut and paste off the internet and end up with a good looking blog.

But you need to understand if you are in this business to make money, which I'm sure you are! Then you need to take the time and learn how to properly put a network marketing blog together.This means that you need to learn search engine optimization (SEO). If you do not know what SEO is and you have a blog then chances are you are losing out on a lot of traffic.

If you're really not that tech savvy this can be difficult to understand and follow. SEO is key to driving traffic and ranking high on Google Search Engine, but you have to learn how to properly drive traffic to your site.

Critical Tools in driving traffic for a Network Marketing Blog

The other part of creating a blog that is very important is finding what people are looking for. So did you know that there is actually a tool out there that Google has to help you? This tool is call Google AdWords Keyword tool.

This is the tool that all the successful entrepreneurs use when offering their products or services to there customers. This tool allows you to find out what people are looking for. In other words exactly the words or phrases people are typing into their computer monthly. These numbers are ranked according to how many times throughout a month each keyword was used.

There is one very important step you need to understand when using this tool. I call it one of my MLM blog secrets. The secret that most fail to realize when using this tool is not to target the highest ranked words. Why you ask? Its because everyone and their brother are going for those. If you're just starting out I would suggest putting you focus on the lower ones.

If you decide to immediately shoot for the higher keywords, understand that you have now moved into the big leagues and now you're fighting with all the big dogs. The big dogs are the ones that have been around for years and have earner that keyword position.

If you try and rank for one of those keywords you will not be as successful in driving the critical traffic you desire for your product or service.

These are just some of the necessary tools you need to learn and understand in order for you to be successful in your endeavors of building an MLM blog. So you can see; cutting and pasting to make your site appealing is not going to generate the laser targeted leads you need in order to offer your products or services.

So don't be like me and spend wasted time completing a process without the proper guidance. Otherwise you too will be in a position of not being able to build a successful Network Marketing Blog.

Almost done. One final thing and then I'm out. I owe tc&d a big thanks for the help they provided in getting this post together. You can go to their website at if you have looking for the expertise of a gifted London based home renovation contractor. Ok, that covers everything. Have a great night everyone!

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