The costs of Network Marketing

The costs of Network Marketing are one of several reasons that I call this method of business The Perfect Franchise compared to setting up a start up business or taking on a franchise.

With a start up business you are generally looking at the costs of a business plan, purchasing or leasing a property, inventory, advertising, staffing and complying with regulatory provisions for your business, which all relate to a huge start up price prior to even opening the doors of the business to start generating cash flow. It is a huge risk and with it comes a long period of time for a return on investment (R.O.I.)

A Franchise , in the main, will present you with a turn-key business, which, will include all of the costs of a business but with the added cost of the Franchisee Fee. Franchises can run anywhere between $10 K and some run over $1 Million Dollars. Many franchisees borrow to the hilt to get into a Franchise and once again are waiting long periods of time for a R.O.I.

Network Marketing uses the concept of franchising i.e. to provide independent business owners with a proven, low-risk, turn-key business at an affordable price for the majority of people. The costs of starting the business are anywhere between $10 and a few thousand dollars and if a Network Marketer is serious about their business, then, there is no reason why they cannot get into a profitable business within their first week of business. There are no banks to pay back, no building expenses as they generally work from home and in most cases they do not need to carry inventory.

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Most Network Marketers start on a part time business so their regular job or business is still providing them with their major source of income whilst they build their business. The majority stay part time until they reach a level of sustainability that will allow them to leave their man source and do their Network Marketing full time. With most franchises or "start up" businesses the budding entrepreneur would need to leave their current job or business to start the Franchise.

Just on cost alone Network Marketing opens up a whole new World to the majority of the population and, especially, in the current economic turmoil around the World, they can be put into a profitable position from their first week of business and build a residual income that will enable them to own their own lives.

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