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Since 1992, RWS Business Valuation Services has provided professional business valuations for business owners of almost every type, size and industry.

For over twenty-four years, RWS successfully valued businesses for numerous business owners, financial institutions, business brokers and for other special uses.

Since its inception, RWS has developed an extensive national database of comparable business sales information which is available only to RWS’s Professional Business Analyst. This database provides proprietary knowledge concerning business values and selling prices. Shifting economic conditions, important industry trends and actual selling prices for different types of businesses periodically change business values and selling prices. This proprietary statistical and related economic knowledge provides RWS business analyst information to use for valuing businesses that is available to only a limited number of business valuators.

RWS provides valuation services in 50 states and Canada utilizing a network of trained Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS). These trained consultants assist business owners and other clients by utilizing a proprietary Business Information Organizer which includes recasting procedures and processes for accounts included on the company’s balance sheet and for the company’s statement of income and expense to calculate financial metrics designed to measure and assess the performance and financial efficiency of the entity’s operation. Correctly following these procedures and processes provides essential information to RWS’s Business Valuation Analysts. Through the skills of this extensive network of trained Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS), RWS has continuing direct access to current and specific business asset’s market value, operating performance metrics and financial efficiency metrics’ information locally, regionally and nationally.


Financing Resources in Today’s Economy

You are ready to sell your business or perhaps to become your “own boss” and purchase a business. So why is financing sometimes an obstacle in completing a business sale or purchase?

Too often, businesses use financial statements prepared for tax purposes for making decisions in their day to day operation of the business. Assets are written off rather than capitalized; cash flow reflects a negative view of operations and the business (from a tax standpoint) appears not to be performing profitably or generating sufficient cash flow.



A professional valuation reflects the “Fair Market Value” of a business based on recasting principles used by professionally trained Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS) that meet with business owner clients, lender clients and other types of clients to review business documents and gather information used by RWS’s Professional Business Valuation Analysts. Recast asset and cash flow information correctly calculated, reviewed and documented by the Financial Recasting Specialists (FRS) is essential to RWS’s Professional Business Valuation Analysts and presents the client a meaningful Fair Market or Selling Price Value for their business. The RWS Business Valuation Process can often result in a Final Market or Selling Price for a business that is thousands of dollars greater than initially expected by the business owner. A professionally prepared business valuation by RWS Business Valuation Services is a valuable investment for business owners that are serious about selling their business for “TOP DOLLAR”.

A professionally prepared RWS Business Valuation presents the true economic value of the business, including both Tangible and Intangible Asset Values. The true economic value of a business is determined by RWS Business Valuation Services using valuation processes focused upon one hundred (100%) percent of the equity ownership value of the business presented at Fair Market Value or Selling Price.

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